Does Houston Texas get snow?

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Does It Snow in Texas? Snowfall occurs in Texas, as it did in Dallas during February 2014, according to CBS News. Annual snowfall occurs during the winter months in northern and western Texas, Wikipedia reports.

Snow drifts of 8+ feet were reported at Cannon Air Force Base (near the Texas/New Mexico border), and winds of nearly 50 miles per hour blew down power lines and made post-holiday travel conditions treacherous. The wind chill made the temperature feel as cold as -5 degrees. Needless to say, it was a day to remember in West Texas.

As a morning radio host in Houston, Kline is used to encountering people from all walks of life. His perspective on life changed Dec. 15, 2005, when he visited the Texas. snow. No problems.

YEAR: DATE: Inches; 1895: February 14-15: 20 ; 1912: january 12: 0.1; 1918: January 11: 0.2; 1925: december 28: 0.4; 1926: January 26: 0.8; 1929: December 21-22: 2.5.

Lewis notes even if it does snow in Houston, it’s unlikely that it’ll stick as it probably won’t get cold enough for things to freeze. Scroll through the gallery above to see what Houston was like.

While freezing rain and snow are not unprecedented in normally balmy South Texas, the cities and counties typically don’t command fleets of snowplows and other equipment to help deal with winter. provides the current snow day weather and bus stop conditions for Houston, TX. provides the current snow day weather and bus stop conditions for Houston, TX.

YES. It snowed yesterday(7th December, 2017). It was a normal winter day in Texas and nothing seemed out of ordinary. Around 5pm in the evening was when something started falling down from the sky. People were staring at it confused thinking to th.

Thanks for reading this bit about the unusual snow day in Houston, Texas and leaving a comment. Probably a good thing that we do not get more of the snow because we would lose many of the tropical plants that typically grow here.

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