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Merchant Category Codes | General Merchant Category Codes general merchant category codes mccs 0001-1499 (Agricultural Services) The following table includes a list of MCCs in the range 0001-1499 and the description for each code. MCC Description Valid Payment Brand(s) 0742 Veterinary Services V, M 0763 Agricultural Cooperatives V, M

Merchant category codes (MCC). Every business that applies to accept credit cards is assigned a four-digit number by the credit card networks (visa,

A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number listed in ISO 18245 for retail financial services. MCC is used to classify the business by the type of.

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Texas MCC Program Criteria / Requirements: All mortgage loan types are eligible. The mortgage loan, available through a network of participating lenders, must be underwritten according to FHA, VA, USDA/RHS or conventional loan criteria and will be at prevailing market rates.

Merchant category codes (MCC) Every business that applies to accept credit cards is assigned a four-digit number by the credit card networks (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) called a merchant category code, or MCC. The number denotes the type of business or service it is in. Merchant category codes are used by credit card networks.

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VISA MERCHANT CATEGORY classification (mcc) codes DIRECTORY MCC MERCHANT type 0742 veterinary services 0763 agricultural Co -operatives 0780 Horticultural Services 0780 Landscaping Services 1520 General Contractors -Residential and Commercial 1711 Air Conditioning Contractors – Sales and Installation